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Vomitface (VS)

Grunge / alternative

Grunge band from New York, currently operating from Seattle. Produced by Steve Albini, Vomitface’s debut full-length, ‘Hooray for Me’ sounds like a modern day Nirvana without the social consciousness and suffering. Singer Jared Micah is a cynical, introvert New York hipster that couldn’t care less about the world around him. Therefore, he spits his cynicism on a bed of grotty, dark guitar noise and a drumbeat that sounds more like a pile of garbage bags being demolished than a musical instrument. The record is a collection of noisy, atonal, grungy songs which are a reflection of and reaction to what Micah terms the “self-satisfied and web-validated American narcissism” of millennial culture. Clearly, Vomitface are a band who use their music as a vehicle for their ideas.

The trio was embraced by big names in the music industry, predicting huge success on the horizon. Beastie Boy, Adam Yauch, has praised the band for it’s unique sound and VICE media picked them out instantly as a band that really worth to keep your eyes on in the future. Vomitface has the potential to be recognized on a much bigger scale by the so called ‘hipster generation’ and be the next big thing. Catch them while you can - Twin Flame Records will be releasing the new album, exclusively, in Europe.


Wonderflu (FR)

Indie / Slackerpop

Le Pavement de Paris, you can say. For more than 15 years Wonderflu stayed as one of the best kept secrets in slacker-rock. This decision was probably made consciously, as in this style of music you keep the art refined and never push it too hard with screaming marketing tricks or self promotion acts. In this genre, things grow slow. You give the music the time to evolve out of the eyes of the big audience and share it only inside your own scene of people that really only care if it’s good music or not.

Mastering their own game, Wonderflu grew out to create one of the best indie-rock sounds heard in the scene for a very long time. Guitarpop full of smart hooks and irresistible melody lines on a bed of a lazy yet very tight bass/drum combinations. The French based band, had a flying start in the Netherlands performing their first ever gig headlining the onafhankelijke labelmarkt afterparty bill in Paradiso Noord (Amsterdam), last august. Their double album ‘ Wonderflu‘ had found instantly its way to the main record stores in Amsterdam, and created a strong fan base who can hardly wait for them to return. The good news - Wonderflu will return very soon with longer live performances where they can take you inside their world they cooked up for all these years. Please, step in, you are very welcome.

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Babyduck (NL)

Lofi / Noise

BabyDuck is Twin Flame Music’s owner Bas van de Looy recording noise, covers, improvisations and self crafted works on a taperecorder in a small wooden house he nicknamed ‘tha shed’. While smoking like a chimney, in the utmost levels of focus and joy, BabyDuck has already managed to release 2 singles and 3 albums in its first moth of existence. It is all about fresh unpolished sound - the albums consists of one long track wherein BabyDuck the creator puts together all the sounds he made that day, edits them just a little, adjusting slightly the eq fine-tuning, and presses the ‘send to Itunes’ button. In this way the material is online just before self criticism spoils the impulsive, raw quality of the recordings. Next in line is a 4 track EP where BabyDuck collaborates with the legendary Heymne Langbroek who was a member the Antwerp Celebrity gang 'Kiss My Jazz’. The result of this collaboration is that the sound BabyDuck brings along is of a grotty microphones and hissy amplifiers because digital mix-panels and big PA systems just suck dog balls anyway. And that is ladies and gents, where magic happens in lofi kingdom.

BabyDuck’s creations: Arcade Games ( single ), Serpentine dEUS Cover (single ), Secret Hell dEUS cover (single) Pink ( album ), Queen Bee (album ), Nipple (album ) & Empty (mini album) available in digital formats here on this website. We will inform later on about coming gigs, so watch out for announcements!


Counter Jib(NL)

Rock / Stoner

All of you 90s kids, please raise your hands. Counter Jib are your current medicine for that missing vibe. The comparison with the musical heroes Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Soundgarden and Queens Of The Stone Age is inevitable as this band simply ROCKS! When asked, the band members like to refer themselves as: “Driven by sheer adrenaline and testosterone, sounding pure, primal and catchy as hell. Rough but obtainable, like tense muscles under soft skin”. And indeed, these three dudes, Florian, Wouter and Rolof with their instruments are bringing the best they have to offer. In other words - Counter Jib plays peoples music not Pitchfork editor’s music, and they are happy just like a pig in the mud with that knowledge. Their lyrics touch some frustrating topics, close to their hearts, mainly the global warming issue, and the widespread ignorance and lack of responsibility to change this. The topic is so much burning in them that the front-man, Florian Wolff, is commonly spotted at climate-change demonstrations and he is dedicating his full time on his life mission .

In their years of existence, Counter Jib made a mark all over the country playing in mega rock events, for instance, playing the before and after show in Club Ziggo during the Foo Fighters’ concert in Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam, headlining the Geinbeat festival, and selected to join Popronde a significant 3-month festival that travels through the country and gives upcoming bands a kickstart.

Next up for this trio is a line of single releases, fueled by a number of live performances in the Netherlands. Grab your chance to watch the guys live because not every day Rock N Roll sounds the way it was made to sound like. You will the leave scene socked in beer, bruised and scratched but with one hell of big grin on your face.


Harvest Moon

Rock / Pop

It’s easy to label this group of former veterans as local heroes, some might say it is even too easy. It is because even though the band is from a tiny town, son en Breugel, under the smoke of Eindhoven, and far from ‘where it all happens’, they posses two of the best singers/performers and writers in the Netherlands: energy bomb/smartass Rob(je) Dekkers and slightly shy but as intents guitarist Thommy Vlemmix. Harvest Moon places themselves in the long lasting tradition of the extrovert front-man /mysterious guitar player dynamic that Mick and Keith kick started in the 60’s, and quickly were followed up by their generation (still relevant in the music scene today). what makes this band as good as it is, it’s a tight, hold together by a close friendship and shared background. All the band members are actively writing and contributing forming together a unique sound from intriguing spacey pop songs, dance-able blues rock and impressive, serene ballads to swinging instrumental surf. Influenced in their early days by Neil Young, the band decided in the 90’s to call themselves after his legendary album. And like the moon, and its effect on the ocean’s high and tide, this band’s amazing sounds will take you to an emotional ride with every note.

Recently, the band released their LP ‘Whisker and the Brains’, produced by the legendary Henk Koorn from the famous Dutch band Hello Venray. It captures the band’s essence in its purest form using foremost analogue equipment and resulting a good balance - not overdoing the songs, yet maintaining it’s freshness and emotional urgency. With almost 30 years of joint forces Harvest Moon is ready, and was for many years already, to conquer the rest of the Netherlands from their home base, Son en Breugel, and they surley will. Keep an eye on the live programs at your local nearby venues, as they will soon perform there.


The dead hands(DE)

Alternative / Avant Garde

This band has only one rule - no more rules! The guys are inspired by rock legends, such as Sonic Youth, Syd Barrett, and The Velvet Underground with an extra flavor - their German accent. The music is quiet, heartfelt, stormy, dark, sometimes beautiful and sometimes nasty. Rough soundscapes meet melodies sweet as kisses from the gone, baleful melancholy, silence, frenzy and noise. The desolate voice of Ralph on Fyre (guitar/vocals) reminds the listener of The Velvet Underground in the days they took Andy Warhol’s advice and put a blond, beautiful German chanteuse with a hint of an Heroin habit in their front. The band describes its genre as Psychedelic Underground Folk Rock and their sound creations can be labelled as ‘art’ rather then simply rock/pop music. This raw, genuine and uncompromising character, is likely a reason for The Dead Hands to be embraced by sophisticated boutique audience, rather than the main stream mass consumers. After all, it takes an educated listener to appreciate pure gems such as the band members Ralph and Daniel, digging out the universe out of the minimalistic guitar-based art punk/noise.

The new and limited hand-numbered release ‘The Garden is Haunted’ comes with a unique hand painted cover made by Markus Rabe making each copy an original work of art to crown your collection of obscurities with. Twin Flame Records has the only few last copies in stock so better act fast - once their sold out it’s gone for forever.

Nowadays, the band is closing dates for their Nederlands tour. We will update the dates and venues soon on this website so stay tuned! We welcome you to take a walk on your dark side and meet your shadows, as The Dead Hands will haunt you with your eyes closed drunk on whiskey and desire. Truly a beautiful band, an absolute must see.


Heyme langbroek(BE)

jazz / avant garde

Heyme Langbroek is stapping into the front stage with a blooming solo career and a new intriguing album - ‘Noise From the Attick’. Langbroek plays trumpet and sax in the most warm and elegant way. His sound will make you forget all your Candy Dulfer saxophone trauma’s from the 80’s, and directly touch your soul. Heyme makes the instrument’s sound appear in the way it smelled and looked-like inside the walls of the old grotty brothel, called ‘Heaven Hotel’. He gets his utmost inspiration by the legendary painter/guitarist/singer Rudy Trouve, the well known avant-garde guitar player in the band Deus. Heyme and Rudy share a long history together, and crossed musical paths many times - this magical combo resulted in creating adventurous music like the band Kiss My Jazz, and also in style: jazzy, smooth, easy listening stuff with the The Rudy Trouve Septet and Rudy solo. Having those previous collabs, Heyme, respectfully, was being one of that colors in the draft used for another writer, until now going solo. The new album, ‘Noise From the Attick’ is an intriguing collecting of recordings Heyme made from his home in Poland during the past year. It’s a one man show - without any guest appearances all that is performed and listened to is played by the man itself; all the instruments, loops and production. The album comes across a bit desolate and melancholic giving the listener a clear insight of the dark shades he embodies. The dark vibe is being momentarily interrupted by joyous explosions of craziness, for example in the band Kiss My Jazz cover for ‘Burn in Hell’. The album will be released on January 18th 2019 exclusively here on Twin Flame Records for the Netherlands audience. We would like to thank Heaven Hotel and Jezus Factory Records for the trust and the collaboration in joining forces for this release. Please, feel free to check out the music program at your local arty joints for some live performances by Heyme during January 2019.



indie / pop

The gummy smooth delicaty-pop from Spinn is a rising starcluster. Teenage girl tunes, you say? Sure, but how long was it ago you heard it done this fucking good? The superb produced tunes of this club freshkys remind you of The Smiths as well as their predecessor Marsicans. On Spotify they are played over a million times already making them the most populair band by far on Twin Flame. End March they are coming over to The Netherlands for a set of exlusive shows to celebrate the release of their first full lenght. Let Spinn shine their bright lights on you. Happiness