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90’s alternative boutique style

Covers, in general if its not Kurt Cobain, Johnney Cash or The Breeders it won’t contribute that much to the original. I mean to get close as possible is like a painter spending hours to make a copy of a work what could be done in 1 minute by a colourprinter. A artist has to find a twist that as a song can stand on its own but as well gives that 'yes yes its the fucking beatles they are playing’ feeling. Well i found this compilation online and i think it’s pretty sexy and witty what these Frenchies did with the debut of Pavement’s ‘Slanted and Enchanted’. Not to my suprise Twin Flame’s indie heroes ‘Wonderflu’ are on it as well. Same they did with Sonic Youth’s ‘Washing Machine’ by the way. This is really coll stuff, well worth my humble shout out :)

Find out more about the catalogue of this label on their bandcamp site

Written by : Bas van de Looy