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Polar Pavementbirds

written by : Bas van de Looy

When i had the pleasure to have the whole Wonderflu family over for the weekend we talked music, manicly, i felt in the best company i could wish for. Because we all adore Pavement, have our DIY estatics going on and happen to have senses that react intensly to what became known as ‘slackkerrock’. Music made by lazy people that are too lazy to learn to play decently. If you want to, it’s a satisfieng way to look at the genre, though in fact it’s total nonsense. Take the king of the genre : Pavement. I happen to know the soundguy : Remko Schouten and he shared me some stories how it really was back in the 90’s. Pavement worked their asses of, harder than anyone else, 53 shows in 52 days, in a small van, no crew, they acomplished the whole myth with just these 6 guys, including the artwork what they cynicly called ‘ work ‘.

But anyway, this group of weirdo’s with sharp brains, how Remko likes to call them, inspirerd a lot of people to pick up a instrument and start a band. Cause Pavement proved : it’s all about creativity and love what you do, you dont necceserly have great skills to create beautifull music.

Polarbird from Paris, knows this way to well. I got their casette from Javier of Wonderflu and as the time went by the band kept on growing on me. Today i downloaded their demo collection ‘ Strange Encounters’ on their bandcamp site. These 2 songs stood out and made me, januari 31th, definite a Polarbirdfan .

Vive la poiseau polaire!!


Hello, i love you Wonderflu’s

Written by Bas van de Looy

I discoverd Wonderflu while being on a weekend out with my girlfriend in Antwerp, Belgium. We were looking online for what to do in the night. I found a concert by some French band in the notorious Kinky Star club in Gent ( aprox 40km from Antwerp ). I skipped quickly through their music and what happend is that i kept listening to it the rest of the day and night. I fell in love like a rock with their music. It’s exceptional that a local small band in a small club leaves such a impression on me. So, later that weekend i started to get in contact with them and now they are on my label for almost a year. Happymaking stuff, gratefull for that, still.

Anyway, they recently put out some new stuff i like to share with y’all:


BabyDuck, what the fuck?!

Written by Bas van de Looy

Assuming, for practical means, that people actually listend to the 4 albums and 4 singles i released as my psydoniem BabyDuck. i am pretty sure you noticed it’s pretty fucking rough and obscure what Ducky's doing. Some might think it’s not any good, i wouldnt be suprised. Or maybee one assumes i got strongly hooked by this modern age ego- drivven, social media supported yet artisticly pretty empty musical expression of these days.

Here is the answer: It’s all true!…as much as none is, at all.


Funny coincidence*, here we do find one of the core reasons for BabyDuck’s existence. To grow as a musician and a human being. Create stuff from a impuls and put it out there before self doubt, social embarressement or ego gets in the way of the party.

Dare to drop your fucking pants in public, so you know how it feels like, instead of assuming how it would.

It’s fair to say BabyDuck is my vehicle to overwin one of the strongest, but at the end most meaningless, emotions there is: fear. Because...motherfuckers : fear is not real. I may sound very 'out there', naive or woolen socks here but it’s truth. The more i became aware of this, the more my quality of life improved and as a result: the more i dared to show.

This newfound awareness exploded in my most honoust, vulnarable and ugly music i putted out in 20 years as a musician and writer. Themes as jeaulousy, self mutilation, panic attacts and drug rebounds, it’s all in there, uncoverd, no sugar topping.

This hardcore stuff goes alongside my most softy side i ever dared to show. What do i mean?. Well,do i need to say again i write ‘poetry’ these days?. Nuff said i think, no? ; )

And… there’s another shade of Ducky i like to share with this writing: my longterm plan with BabyDuck

In the future i'm planning to start a new band, again. I take all the time in the world now to experiment as much as i feel like, in public for means i explained above.

The final concept, what i really want to do next, will extract from this experiments by itself. I put my faith in the proces and have bags of joy while i am at it.

Latest update is i putted out a advert in Antwerp Belgium for a drummer and a bassplayer. So for the one that cares: it might be reality, soonish.

Only one thing in my duckworld is a rockhard fact: the name of the band. It will be BabyDuck. I closed this name in my heart because it's ttached and will be forever to one of the most intens periods of my life, in darkness and light.

It’s a tattoo i don’t regret.


Ps. Thank you if you took the time to read, i appreciate it and always feel free to ask whatever on

Pss. Last ( forget the cliche, not doing it) i want to send out my deep thankfullness and love to Nirit Yogev who without i never would have nail this progression. Love you forever, whatever and in any relationshipstatus or timeframe Ducky. Hugs, a shitload of ‘m.

Love , rest is tapehiss

* Yes Sherlock, it’s not a reallll coincidence. duuuuuuuuuuh…….herb.


Mr. Hospital and the Lovebombers

Geschreven door : Bas van de Looy

Als ik mij het goed herinner was 't Hendrik-Jan de Wolff die zei 'Hospital Bombers klinkt als Mr Love and the Stallions* maar dan als jij t muzikaal volledig voor het zeggen zou hebben. Of H.J t nu gezegd heeft of niet : it's a fair point, 100% mee eens.

Mr. Love was namelijk geen Baske dictatuur maar eerder een poldermodel democratie.

Deze structuur was for bad AND good, want zonder Max Faulkner bijv geen 'Walk in the Park' en als Einar Ihle er niet tussen had gezeten hadden we echt met geen mogelijkheid 'Love and Paris' bij elkaar verzonnen en daarmee dus mooi ons eerste hitje misgelopen.

Het is ook de reden achter onze veelbesproken 'op tilt geslagen Jukebox' sound waar zoals ik weet ieder lid en 'Mr. Love kenner' er zo zijn eigen mening op nahoudt of dat nu very very max of totally fucking kut was.

Ik hou t persoonlijk op het resultaat van de gretige 20ers ADHD die we toentertijd allemaal hadden. More = More & More = Good! Electrothrashevilpopslackerpunk, go go go!

But anywayyy, wat een fokking lekker nummer dit. Mss wel t tofste indiebandje dat Nederland ooit gekend heeft, Hospital Bombers met 'Jack Off' - DISCO BABY

Tip : het album ‘Footnotes’ uitgebracht okt 2017 door het ( toen zeker nog ) toonaangevende Excelsior label. Enkel goede songs, met persoonlijke hoogtepunten: ‘ Punks not Dead’, ‘Jack Off’ en ‘Footnotes’.

* band waar ik tussen 2001 en 2013 in zong en voor het leeuwendeel de liedjes schreef.


90’s alternative boutique style

Written by : Bas van de Looy

Covers, in general if its not Kurt Cobain, Johnney Cash or The Breeders it won’t contribute that much to the original. I mean to get close as possible is like a painter spending hours to make a copy of a work what could be done in 1 minute by a colourprinter. A artist has to find a twist that as a song can stand on its own but as well gives that 'yes yes its the fucking beatles they are playing’ feeling. Well i found this compilation online and i think it’s pretty sexy and witty what these Frenchies did with the debut of Pavement’s ‘Slanted and Enchanted’. Not to my suprise Twin Flame’s indie heroes ‘Wonderflu’ are on it as well. Same they did with Sonic Youth’s ‘Washing Machine’ by the way. This is really coll stuff, well worth my humble shout out :)

Find out more about the catalogue of this label on their bandcamp site.