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BabyDuck - Arcade Games ( single )

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BabyDuck - Arcade Games ( single )

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'Arcade Games was played, recorded and edited by BabyDuck

Nothing has been written here

'Arcade games' is a soundreflection how i felt being in a state of jeaulousy, using the tools to my proposal in my beloved shed by the water

The result is in a conceptional and sound way the most satisfying BabyDuck track for me to listen to. Its so rude and empty.

Also 'Arcade Games' takes me back to a moment that day the negativ feeling turned upside down and made room for a feeling of gratefullness instead.

Gratefull i grew to this point where i put stuff like this online without any fear of what could bounce back on me.

This track of white noise is the most 'me' i sounded in my 25 years in music business.

I am in love with this rackit and its okay to call it that way for you as well

Were all niggers for this occasion bro, word

And what else would you call this anyway?

Not living in lalaland, how this sound makes you feel is what interests me though.

I would be thankfull if you choose to share that with me in a message or leave in the comments section. whatever's easiest for you. would appraciate that, the real kind

Arcade Games will return in a new release using a different format. This release will be available on my website soon. let me know if you want a headsup for this. would be happy too do so.


SM58 microphone

Philips condensator microphone

Philips Tape Recorder

Fender acoustic

Macbook Pro

Garageband 'distorted guitar' plug ins