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Twin Flame, my lifeswork and dream

written by Bas van de Looy (10/6/1980), owner of Twin Flame Music

How did i end up being the new indie kid from Amsterdam? A question i sometimes ask myself, being equally gratefull as suprised. Of course there’s a story behind this, the story about the last 1,5 years and how i changed radicly as a person and how my girlfriend Nirit Yogev had a big part in that change. Twin Flame became the love of my life. And how it works between people that really love each other, the trip wasnt easy, but i guess one can taste only the best fruits when one dares to grow.

I was as Bas van de Looy on june 10th 1980 in Son en Breugel, a village under the smoke of Eindhoven. I like to believe my fooks dropped Catholisism publicly by giving me only one name*. It for sure flueled the image of ‘the rebelkid’ a lot of teachers and parents had of me. And i can’t blame them for thinking that way, fact was i was pretty present in class, loved attention and soon discoverd a talent for humor and creativity which gave me a idententity which is of course very important at that age.

I stood out in class for my music taste. I was obsessed with The Rolling Stones at the age of 8, made Mick Jagger dolls and drew concert stages with standard a chainsmoking Keith richards with acne and holes in his pants. Not much later, at the age of 11 i got my hands on a grotty acoustic guitar my dad had lying around the house. The first chord i could play was A major and right away started to make up songs and sing as well. My mom insisted that i took some ‘serious guitar lessons’ so i did for a year and a half. Most of the time i spend learning to improvise together with my teacher, that already knew that trying to teach reading notes was hopeless. Partly due to the ADHD that many many years later is diagnosed but in retrospect totally makes sense in how i was as a kid and a young adult. I really stood out in playing music in comparrison to my schoolfriends but i had very mediocre rates at school. Much to the confusment of my fooks that couldnt match my high intelligence with my struggle on school.

But if you gave and still, a white sheet, it will be filled with ideas in 15 minutes. It’s just how my brain works and apart from the downsides i am foremosty gratefull for the sensitivity, creativity and wittyness that comes along with the brain.