babyduckk - the blooddealers e.p. ( download + pre-order casette )

€ 5,00

babyduckk - the blooddealers e.p. (TWFD0001)

babyduckk = back, you fuckfuckkers. 4 years on the street made him a punkbuddah. Not giving a fuck no more. It's all about art, music and himself now. Feeling gratefull, sexy and balanced out.

This e.p. marks his 1st release after 2 years and it's rawer and more intense then ever. After the painful and very emotional breakup with his muse he needed to re-invent himself. It's the 1st time she is not present in the songs.

it's a fucking landmark, bitches.

1st release on the reborn twin flame music label as well, ohhhhh my god

its 4 real


Its babyduckk