by the twin flame family

11 outstanding tracks from the Twin Flame Tribe handpicked by yours truly. The Twin Flame mixtape enbholds some exclusive unreleased tracks which the bands provided especially for this occasion.

have love and feel it coming in

2018 © Twin Flame, all rights are us, bitch*

*the twin flame company declares that all processors in means of writers and players connected to the bands on this tape are registred by the national intellectual ownership organisations and that all writers and musicians heard on this tape are protected by law except ‘BabyDuck - Serpentine (dEUS cover)’ (original music/words by Tom Barman)

BabyDuck declares that the audio of ‘Serpentine (dEUS cover) is not registred as a original work by the artist or its publishing pseudonym ‘Twin Flame Publishing’ and will not be in the future.